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Specialist in Speciality Fine Chemicals Manufacturing – Secure and Sustainability

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Understanding products profile and a wide range of Speciality Fine Chemicals including those that are technically critical to manufacture.

Research & Development

Customized solutions and adapting currently and emerging products to new markets and sectors. From developing the success of products to identifying improved ways of doing things experience the advantages of long term partnership

Pyridines Derivatives

Acetyl Pyridines
Bromo Pyridines
Chloro Pyridines
Cyano Pyridines
Fluoro Pyridines
Hydroxy Pyridines
Iodo Pyridines
Methyl Pyridines
Methoxy Pyridines
Nitro Pyridines

Phenol Derivatives

Bromo Phenols
Chloro Phenols
Cyano Phenols
Fluoro Phenols
Hydroxy Phenols
Iodo Phenols
Methyl Phenols
Methoxy Phenols
Nitro Phenols

Acetophenone Derivatives

Bromo Acetophenones
Chloro Acetophenones
Cyano Acetophenones
Fluoro Acetophenones
Hydroxy Acetophenones
Iodo Acetophenones
Methyl Acetophenones
Methoxy Acetophenones
Nitro Acetophenones

Resorcinol Derivatives

Butyl Resorcinols
Chloro Resorcinols
Nitro Resorcinols
Hexyl Resorcinols

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