About us

Gravitas is pharmaceutical company delivering through innovative speciality fine chemicals, excellence in development, production and marketing. Having more than 30 years of rich exposure in the International market, we provide exceptional services to our customers. Our customer’s satisfaction from our extensive recognition for quality, compliance and customer service.

We have been the approved customer of choice for many companies. We offer high-quality and highly complementary manufacturing services provider and an understanding of customer requirements worldwide.

Why Choose Gravitas

  • Excellence in Technical
  • Proven knowledge on products
  • Accepting new challenges

Company's Profile

Gravitas is currently the leading manufacturer of speciality fine chemicals company in India. Manufacturing high quality, effective and cost effective fine chemicals is the core activity of the company.

Gravitas value proposition is to bring customers high quality at cost-effective. The value we create for our customers is driven by a complete product portfolio and extensive supply chain expertise.

Gravitas having co-operative culture and dynamic participation of key persons prior in the process. Business development, Strategic planning and Logistics Experienced in licensing and intellectual property rights.

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